New varieties...

Tomahawk (RAC3261) Wheat

Mid maturing, APW CL wheat, IMI tolerant.

Genie (IGW6754) Wheat

High yielding, Rockstar type AH wheat, mid-slow maturity, improved coleoptile and disease package.

Dozer (IGW6783) Wheat

Quick mid maturing, APW CL wheat, good standability and grain package, IMI tolerant. 

Matador Wheat

Mid maturing AH wheat, high yielding scepter type with improved canopy and disease resistance.

Neo Barley

Exceptionally high yielding, mid spring maturing IMI tolerant barley with improved disease resistance.

Anvil AH CL Wheat

A quick AH quality, two gene IMI tolerant variety.

Brumby Wheat

High yielding, APW, mid maturing, resistant to powdery mildew and excellent resistance to yellow leaf spot and very good resistance to stem and stripe rust.

Calibre Wheat

High yielding, AH, quick mid maturing.

Valiant CL Plus Wheat

High yielding, Clearfield Plus, slow season, spring wheat.

Commodus CL Barley

High yielding, quick to mid maturing, Clearfield barley.

Titan AX Barley

High yielding, mid-season maturity. The world’s first CoAXium barley variety.

Maximus CL Barley

High yielding, quick to mid maturing, malt accredited, IMI tolerant barley.

Zena CL Barley

Mid maturing, vigorous, Clearfield Barley.

Kingbale Oats

A single gene IMI tolerant oaten hay variety – a world first.

Mid maturing oaten hay variety.

Lightning IMI Lentils