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Fact Sheets are produced by Seed companies with the commercialisation rights to specific varieties.
A very high yielding CCN resistant wheat with a Yitpi background. Has good resistance to all current pathotypes of Stem and Leaf rusts and effective adult plant resistance for Stripe rust. Has an APW classification in South Australia and has good tolerance to Sprouting. Scout is a mid season line.
Mace Very high yielding wheat that is showing similar adaption to Wyalkatchem. AH classification.
Kord Kord CL Plus Wheat, SA
Cobra Cobra Wheat, SA
Grenade CL Plus Grenade CL Plus Wheat, SA
Phantom Phantom Wheat, SA

Hindmarsh Outstanding yield potential and CCN resistance. Resistance to Powdery Mildew, leaf scald and net form of net blotch. Early Maturity and superior seed plumpness to Schooner. Has a feed Classification until further malt evaluation is completed.
Scope High Yielding , early-mid season maturity. Seednet and BASF are working together for the registration of a relevant BASF Clearfield herbicide to be used on Scope. Is currently a feed variety but is being evaluated for malting classification.
Fathom Early Maturing, broad adaptation, strong disease resistance including CCN, Higher test weight than fleet, consistently high grain yield, very low screenings similar to maritime.

Twililight An early flowering field pea with high yield potential in low to medium rainfall events.
Gunyah An early flowering (later than Twilght, but earlier than Kaspa) high yielding field pea adapted to the medium-high rainfall zones.

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Modra Seeds
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