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Modra Seeds is a family owned and operated business that has specialised in seed production for over 40 years.
Today we are involved in production, transport logistics, storage, processing, and packaging of a wide range of grains for an extensive list of variety owners all over Australia’s southern grain growing regions.
The majority of seed produced is from crops grown on our property in South Australia using the latest agronomic methods and knowledge, with modern, efficient machinery.
In the heart of our processing shed is a high tech, high quality European built CIMBRIA 106 cleaner. With its self cleaning flat screens, pre and after suction, a unique air lifting system to sort varying densities of grain, and an indent machine, you can be confident you are buying the best.
At Modra Seeds we go to great lengths to ensure the quality of the product you purchase is of the highest purity and physical quality attainable.
We have a detailed internal grain trail documentation system from seedling to dispatch that provides absolute traceability, and purity.
All seed sold is also backed up by a rigorous Quality Assurance Program. Either through PIRSA’s “Sure Seed”, or Asure Quality’s “Seed Care” certification program
Both follow the OECD seed scheme principles and Australian Seed Federation (ASF) National Code of Practice for Seed Labelling and Marketing, You can buy with confidence knowing the protection of the seeds genetic identity, and purity is the focus all the way through the production line.

CIMBRIA 106 Cleaner
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Modra Seeds
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