Modra Seeds

Specialising in production, transport logistics, storage, processing, and packaging of a wide range of winter grains.
Modra Seeds is situated at Ungarra on the Lower Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. 80km north of Port Lincoln, and 40km north/east of Cummins.
  • Production & sale of a range of High Quality broad acre winter crop species
  • Packaging 25kg bags, 40 kg bags, 500kg bags, 1000kg bags, or bulk
  • Cleaning out of spec. grain for silo delivery (unload & go)
  • Size/Grade farmer owned canola to select for large vigorous seed
  • Screenings for animal consumption
  • Treat grain with an extensive range of treatments (fungicides, insecticides, and nutrients)
  • Transport of bagged or bulk commodities
Eyre Peninsula, South Australia

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Modra Seeds
Contact Justin Modra
Postal PO Box 1589, UNGARRA SA 5607
mobile 0428 868 063
phone 08 8688 8094
facsimile 08 8688 8097